Creativity Days Ukraine
National contest of the best creatives for Young Lions Competition

Who is eligible?

Only the teams that took part in the National Creative Contests 2017 and underwent training at the Young Lions Academy in Ukraine may be eligible to enter the 2017 Young Lions Competition.

All teams must comprise two young creatives aged 30 years or under (born on or after June 25, 1987), and working in the creative industry in Ukraine. Participants must be ready to cover the registration fee, expenses for travel and accommodation during the Cannes Lions Festival in June 2018.

NOTE: participants taking part ONLY in the Eurobest Young Creatives Contest who do not plan participation in the Young Lions Competitions in Cannes can be born on or after November 30, 1987 in order to qualify for Eurobest contest rules.

Fluent in written and spoken English.

Unemployed, students, and employees of the companies not registered in Ukraine are not eligible for participation in the competition.

The participants must fill out and submit the online registration form (see below) when filing the work to the organising committee for judging.

By taking part in the competition, the contenders agree that all of the creative work that has been made during the competition and then uploaded via the organising committee’s website will become the intellectual property of the Client (the author of the brief). The Client may use these works for any purpose, including promotional.

Participation in the qualifying competition of the Ukrainian Young Creatives Competition is free of charge.

The winners of the national competition are obliged to pay a registration fee of 1250 Euro + VAT to the organising committee of the Cannes Lions festival before the deadlines set at website. Travel, accommodation and all other expenses associated with taking part in the Young Lions Competition is agreed to be covered by participants themselves or their sponsors.

The results of the contest for Young Lions Competition Ukraine will be announced in two parts. First — who qualified for the Young Lions School — 18 November, 2017. Second — who would have a chance to compete at Cannes, France — before March 20, 2018.

The results of the competition will be based on the judging committee decision. The decision to recommend for the participation in the Young Lions Competitions in Cannes, France will be subject to ADC*UA members’ decision and the approval by the Official Cannes Lions Representative in Ukraine.

What is the Young Lions Contest?

This competition is a chance for young creatives from across the country to showcase their skills and talent to peers and the creative industry. Teams of two must create 60-second commercial in category Film, to produce an ad in category Print, to create an integrated social media campaign in category Cyber, to deliver a brand identity that includes a logo/brand, a 150-word description of how the brand identity fits the brief in category Design. It’s a challenging test of determination and creative excellence, and a great way to get noticed in the industry.

Media category is only open to media agencies, unfortunately advertising agencies or client organisations are unable to participate. Teams must be comprised of any combination of two people from the following: media planning, media buying, strategic planning, market research.

The Jury of Ukrainian industry leaders will choose up to 16 individuals and train them before the Cannes Lions festival to choose among them those who will represent Ukraine at Young Lions Competition in June, 2018.

How can I get involved?

All teams must comprise two young creatives aged 30 years or under, and working in creative or communications agencies in Ukraine must register and send their Film, Print, Cyber, Media, Design through a web form on this website.

The Deadline

ALL work AND supplementary materials MUST be submitted NO LATER than 12:00 pm, November 14, 2017.

The Brief


Additional Information

All additional information must be requested in writing to


Apply to the EUROBEST Ukrainian Contest for your chance to be eligible to compete for Ukraine at EUROBEST Young Creative Competition 28-30 November in London, England. If you are a winner of the EUROBEST Ukrainan Contest you will automatically become admitted to the Young Lions Academy — a mandatory step to be eligible to proceed with the Young Lions Competition in 2018 at Cannes, France. The contestant’s eligibility is subject for the organising committee review and approval. All Young Lions Competition contenders MUST undergo a training at the Young Lions Academy.

Apply to the 2017 EUROBEST Young Creatives Competition ONLY

1 Step 1
Apply and Submit Your Contest Work for a National YOUNG LIONS COMPETITION UKRAINE
Category YLC 2017-2018

* you MUST be an employee of a media or a media planning company.

Participant 1
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Date of birth
Participant 2
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Correct File Names

File name MUST contain CATEGORY NAME. In the case of submitting multiple files PLEASE MAKE SURE to add the file number of total number of files (if multiple). For instance: just the category name DESIGN - for single files per category, or DESIGN_1of3, DESIGN_2of3, etc. when submitting multiple files.

Work Entry

All work must be submitted as a LINK to WeTransfer online file transfer service ( Make sure that the access to your files is not password protected. Otherwise your work may not enter the contest.

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